Just A Little About Myself

I realized I have never really introduced myself. 

I am a sister. Daughter. Friend. High School Graduate. BYUI Student. Photographer. I will always have long hair. Turquoise is the best color in the world. Everyone has a story, all you have to do is listen. My family and friends are my life. I love walks, and snow on trees. Weddings are fantastic. So is ice-cream. I love animals, especially cats. Vintage and lace is beautiful. Vera Bradley is love. Gum is my obsession. Rainy days are bliss. Thoughts of the beach, wavy hair, watermelon, friends and tank tops consume my mind. Hawaii and Rome will always be on my bucket list, along with getting a horse. Christ is my Savior. My camera is my baby. My body will forever be a temple. I love workout clothes. I love working out... more like the thought of it. Football and soccer are great. Babies make me happy. So does mascara. Rings are my favorite. I want a happily ever after, but who doesn't. Every person is special.

xoxo, MarisaRose

Here I am with my two cute best friends. We took these photos today for a class project.  

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